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Online classes on the e-learning Kampus platform

For academic teachers

In the 2021/22 academic year, lectures at the University of Warsaw are are going to be held the traditional way (in classrooms). However, we encourage you to include e-learning in your classes using the Kampus platform.

The Kampus 1 and Kampus 2 twin platforms, administered by the Digital Competence Centre of the University of Warsaw, enable academic teachers to:

  • provide students with access to didactic materials (files, links, etc)
  • make announcements
  • run discussion forums
  • test students’ knowledge with closed- and open-ended tasks.

Since the Kampus platforms are synchronized with USOS, the academic teachers may easily authorize students into their e-classes and give them access to the e-course content within just a few clicks. Neither e-teachers nor students have to create extra accounts – it is enough to log in the platform using one’s CAS account the way they enter USOS (PESEL and password).

The Elearning website collects information about Kampus 1 and Kampus 2 classes as well as exams on Kampus Exams in one place, and makes it easy to navigate between platforms.

The Digital Competence Centre UW provides both full technical maintenance of the Kampus platforms and support for academic e-teachers offering them:

The Digital Competence Centre UW also administers other e-learning services connected with online education. Visit Our Services


How to launch online classes on the Kampus platform?


Request a course here:


To enter the request form, log into the platform using the USOS login (PESEL number) and password.


Wait for the information that your course has been prepared for you. It will take us no longer than 3 weekdays. We prepare courses in the order received. You will be informed by email that your course is ready.

You are the only person who will get access to the course – you decide when you add materials and admit students to the course.


Use the E-teacher’s Guide. You will find a lot of information about using the platform there. You need to log into the platform to get to the Guide. Enter the link below and click on “Enrol me”. 


If you have any problems/queries, contact us at: pomoc-ckc@uw.edu.pl.

We will help you as quickly as possible. Sending the direct link to the course makes it easier for us to answer your question, which means that if you provide a link, you will get the answer more quickly.

Attention! If you have had the e-classes on the Kampus platform last semester and you want to use your materials again in the new academic year, you need to request an e-class again using the request form and choosing the option “I wish to have my existing course copied”. The old course with your materials is going to be copied then with neither students nor their posts/assignments/grades and what you get is a new e-class with “old” materials. All the previous course gets archived – students’ data, their work and grades. Thanks to that, it is possible to get access to the history of the e-classes if necessary.

Additional information

Other recommended tools that might be used for online classes at the University of Warsaw:

  • an online lecture or meeting: Google Meet available in the Google set for the UW staff. It also allows you to record your classes. You can also use MS Teams and Zoom.
  • meetings on live chat: Google Chat available in the Google set for the UW Staff.
  • sharing files with didactic materials, eg. by email or on cloud discs such as Google Disc available in the Google set for the UW Staff.

If you decide to use external services make sure you pay attention to the need to protect personal data of the UW students and staff.


Online final tests/assignments and exams

In accordance with the Rector’s Order nr 112 of 16 September 2021, the verification of the achieved learning outcomes is conducted in a regular mode (in the direct presence of the tutor and the participants). It is possible to carry out the verification of learning outcomes in the online mode as long as this information is included in the course syllabus. In justified cases, the respective head or director may decide on the online mode of examination or credit assessment where the syllabus does not provide for an examination or credit assessment in this particular mode (Rector’s Order nr 111 of 16 September 2021).

The final tests/assignments (zaliczenia) and exams are taking place either on the Kampus platform for exams (Kampus-egzaminy) for written tasks or GSuite set (for oral tasks).

Only written exams and tests are taking place on the Kampus platform, run by the Digital Competence Centre (CKC UW). The Kampus platform currently consists of three parts: Kampus 1, Kampus 2 and a platform established especially for the examination session: Kampus-egzaminy.

Elearning website collects information about Kampus 1 and Kampus 2 classes and Kampus-egzaminy exams in one place and makes it easy to navigate between platforms.

Final tests/assignments (zaliczenia)

  1. Written final tests/assignments for classes carried out on the Kampus 1 and Kampus 2 platforms are taking place on these platforms as part of the existing courses, without the need to inform CKC UW about them. We recommend that you carry out simultaneous tests in turns of a maximum of 50 people.
  2. Written final tests/assignments for subjects carried out outside the Kampus 1 and Kampus 2 platforms can be carried out on the Kampus-egzaminy platform.


  1. The coordinator for online classes, exams and assignments appointed by the respective head or director is responsible for organizing written exams and contacting CKC UW.
  2. The Examiner is responsible for preparing and running the exam.
  3. The Coordinator collects information about the need for online written exams to be carried out using the Kampus-egzaminy platform and submits it to the CKC UW using a dedicated form at least 7 working days before the date of the exam / final test. However, we encourage you to provide this information as soon as possible.
  4. The scope of data needed to fill in the form is:
    • name of the exam
    • semester / academic year in which the class was carried out in accordance with the information in USOS
    • USOS code of the course and group numbers
    • preferred exam / final test date: date, time, duration. The coordinator will be asked to select a time slot in the form – this will allow the platform load to be evenly distributed
    • expected number of people admitted to the exam
    • Examiners and other people authorized to edit the exam / final test on the platform – list: name + surname, e-mail (only in the uw.edu.pl domain / only people using CAS accounts)
  5. On this basis, CKC UW will create examination spaces in the order of applications, not later than 3 working days from receiving the application. Information on the creation of the examination space will be sent by e-mail to the Coordinator and Examiners.
  6. The examination space will be available to students only on the exam date.
  7. Examiners enter examination tests/assignments on platform, using the support in the form of: “Examiner’s toolkit”, the advice of the Coordinator and the CKC UW helpdesk (pomoc-ckc@uw.edu.pl).
  8. The Examiners rate open tasks and / or verify the automatic test results and provide students with the information on the results.


The head or director (KJD) may ask the Rector to use another IT tool (e.g. faculty didactic platforms) provided that it obtains a positive opinion from the Data Protection Officer at UW.



For students


Regularly monitor the news published on the website of your department.


Check your mails regularly – also Spam, Offers, etc. Use the mailbox with the UW domain – it is obligatory for students in accordance with the Study Regulations. Add the servers and senders from UW to the list of safe senders. Mark the emails from UW as non-spam emails.


Make sure your data provided in USOS are relevant. It is really important to monitor if you get signed to the classes you are expected to attend – do not put it away for most convenient time! University systems such as Kampus platform is integrated with USOS – e.g. the lists of students are sent form USOS to the Kampus platform, so if you are not on the list, you will not get to the e-course on the platform either.


If your classes are supposed to be an e-course on the Kampus platform, log into the platform following the instructions. To meet other students online you may use Google Meet or Google Chat.


Follow the news and changes on your courses and study in accordance with the instructions from your teachers.

Our services

The services administered by the Digital Competence Centre UW connected with online education include:

Kampus 1 – An e-learning platform dedicated for running online classes for the Bachelor and Master studies, doctoral studies and post-graduate studies. Additionally, freshmen have the opportunity to take an Occupational Safety and Care course, UW Library training and language placement tests.

Kampus 2 – A twin e-learning platform for running online classes.

Kampus-egzaminy – A platform where written exams are conducted, also for large groups of students.

Elearning.uw.edu.pl – A website integrating the K1, K2 and Kampus-egzaminy platforms – students and academic teachers can find their online classes and exams from all these platforms, gathered in one place.

Kampus-rekrutacja – A platform on which online entrance written exams for Master studies are conducted.

Kampus-pracownik – A platform on which academic staff members can enroll into trainings within the ZIP Programme.

Kampus-projekty – A platform for running online courses, trainings, workshops and conferences within commercial ventures and projects, dedicated for non-academic audience.